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Your project in 8 simple steps

At McMillan we manage every element of your fit-out or refurbishment project from start to finish. We work with you through the design, fabrication, storage, delivery and installation phases to ensure a flawless end result delivered both on time and on budget.

Step 1

Defining the brief

We can join your project at various different phases of its development. Often we're appointed to take a design concept created by an interior design company and turn it into reality. In other cases we're there from the outset, working hand in hand with your delivery team to scope out the project and make it happen. We start by creating a robust and realistic delivery plan.

Step 2

Detailed Design and Specification

Our design team uses advanced CAD and 3D modelling techniques to take initial concepts for your furniture and fittings and turn them into fully resolved, construction-ready designs. Our in-depth industry knowledge and construction design experience mean products of outstanding quality that are both value-engineered and built to stand the test of time.

Step 3

Material Selection and Sampling

We work with you to select suitable materials, whether that be veneers, fabrics or hardware, that balance both the aesthetic and commercial requirements of your furniture and fittings. Following on from the detailed design phase, we can produce samples of each piece of furniture to give you the confidence you need to move onto the fabrication phase.

Step 4


We use the latest-manufacturing processes and technology to build your furniture and fittings to your exact specification. Our dedication to lean manufacturing processes means high-quality products built to lead times and budgets that will surprise you.

Step 5

Quality inspection

At McMillan our dedication to quality and efficiency extends through everything we do. We use a rigorous and detailed approach to Quality Assurance and all of your products are fully tested and inspected before leaving our manufacturing facility.

Step 6

Logistics and storage

The effective delivery of a large hotel, restaurant or bar fit-out relies on having the product on-site when required and having the flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing project plan. At McMillan our team takes care of this for you and, depending on the needs of your project, can even source local storage and distribution facilities on your behalf.

Step 7

Installation and onsite management

Our dedicated project managers work with you onsite to ensure the delivery and installation phases of the project run smoothly from start-to-finish. We organise the delivery of furniture from our manufacturing facility, manage onsite installation teams and subcontractors and report back to your management team
on a regular basis.

Step 8

Project completion and review

As is often the case in large fit-outs, additional items may be added to the scope at a late stage and we work to finalise these items as the project draws to a close. Following on from this our installers and project managers identify and resolve any final snags before final inspection by your own team.

Slide along the timeline to see every step of your project.

Slide along the timeline to see every step of your project.