Specialist interior fit-out services
for your bar or restaurant

We work with you to create and build a unique space of the highest quality

Bar and restaurant fit-out services


McMillan gives you the team and resources you need to deliver the outstanding fit-out of your bar, restaurant or leisure facility. Whether your latest project involves the fit-out of a bespoke one-off property or the consistent rollout of a national brand across multiple locations, our team can help.

We work closely with property owners, chain operators and interior design agencies to deliver fit-out and refurbishment projects across UK, Europe and the Middle East. From technical design and bespoke manufacturing through to specialist procurement and contract management, we create a delivery team that is flexible and uniquely tailored to your requirements.

We understand the commercial restraints and pressures involved when opening or refurbishing a property and work with you to achieve a streamlined delivery program that’s both on time and on budget. In fact, in the case of the refurbishment of currently trading premises, we can often work to make the necessary upgrades without the need to disrupt trade at all.

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Working onsite with you

Whether your project is in the UK, Europe or the Middle East, our project
managers work onsite with your team for the duration of your refurbishment.

Making the numbers stack up Our advanced design and manufacturing processes mean highly competitive
pricing without the compromise.